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This one is for you. To read, over and over, when the darkness gets a little too much and you’re not sure which way is up. Maybe, sometimes, these words will be your up. Your reminder of two things: 1) oh my goodness, sweet child, you mean so very much, to so many. And 2) FUCK THEM.

They left you.

They left you, but first, before they did that, they requested, and then demanded, and then took, certain things from you. Belittled you, twisted your words, your actions. Kept you small. That’s the most infuriating bit of all – the smallness they pushed on you. The way they used the adoration you held in your heart against you, so that in the end even your love shriveled up and died, and that became further proof for you both that you can’t ever get anything right.

You couldn’t…

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