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Shutterstock / Kseniia PerminovaShutterstock / Kseniia Perminova

You’ll know the Gemini woman in the room because she’s the one floating from group to group, inserting herself into conversations that don’t involve her and moving on elsewhere the moment the topic ceases to interest her. That’s what she needs: provocation, entertainment, challenge. She’ll ask the questions nobody else dare, in a way that nobody else can. Then, as quickly as she devours your answers and attention she’ll walk away again too. And that’s not because you stopped giving the good stuff – she simply, and quickly, changed her mind on the exact type of good stuff she wants.

She’s fickle like that. Not that she self-identifies that way. She’s a flake and occasionally a little fake, but she calls it endlessly curious and easy-to-adapt. All counts are true.

You won’t know which version of her you’re going to get, at any given moment. Your…

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