This is Me.


I prefer black coffee.

I prefer movies.

I prefer fiction books.

I prefer cats.

I prefer color green.

I prefer mangoes and watermelons.

I prefer text than call.

I prefer jeans and sneakers.

I prefer long sleeves.

I prefer curly hair since mine is straight.

I prefer tall girls because I’m short.

I prefer ube flavored ice cream.

I prefer beans above all veggies.

I prefer to travel.

I prefer accounting over mathematics.

I prefer writing than public speaking.

I prefer listening than talking.

I prefer to sleep early.

I prefer Greek Literature.

I prefer myself liking people than to myself loving mankind.

I prefer exceptions.

I prefer federalism.

I prefer mystifying kind of man.

I prefer talking to lawyers about laws.

I prefer kindness over hurtful honest opinions.

I prefer to laugh out loud than stay gracious.

I prefer having some reservations.

I prefer blue eyes since mine are dark.

I prefer not to ask how much longer it takes.

I prefer keeping in mind my opinions than creating clamor.

I prefer working alone than working with team.

I prefer beaches and forests than bars and clubs.

I prefer stars than moon.

I prefer to believe that aliens do exist.

I prefer to walk away than to stay in chaos.

I prefer the things I left unsaid.

I prefer to write all of these crazy things.


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