Strong Women Don’t Fall In Love

Strong Women Don’t Fall In Love

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Strong women don’t fall in love.

They tread in love. Strong women entertain love, they flirt with it, they embody it with caution and they escape from it unscathed. Everyone knows that. Only weak women allow love to affect them. Strong women couldn’t care less.

Strong women live their lives alone.

They may have flings or fuck-buddies or even domestic partnerships but never, ever lovers. Love makes you crippled and small. Love stops you from achieving what you want out of life. Strong women don’t fall in love because love is an emotion. And real women do not feel anything pervasively. Real women switch their sentiments on and off like a light switch. Real women are strong because they have mastered detachment. And detachment is the ultimate end goal.

Anyone else tired of hearing these tirades?

Because I am. I am tired – and I don’t think I’m alone…

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How To Tell Someone You No Longer Love Them

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jeannexoxo jeannexoxo

I’ve stopped and started this so many times.

I’ve asked myself over and over: Do I really need to? Is it really necessary? Will it just make everything harder? But deep down, I know the answer to those questions. I have done from the start.

I have to tell you that I’m not in love with you anymore.

“I don’t want to be the love-sick little girl you can’t seem to shake. I’m so much more than that.”

You don’t know how much of a relief that is to me. I had loved you for so long that I wondered if I’d ever be able to let you go. If I’d ever not long for the boy I’d fallen for so young and loved ever since. I was immature and foolish, but you – you were magnificent. In your eyes, I saw everything I thought I’d ever want and…

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I prefer to be Me

I prefer black coffee.

I prefer movies.

I prefer fiction books.

I prefer cats.

I prefer color green.

I prefer mangoes and watermelons.

I prefer text than call.

I prefer jeans and sneakers.

I prefer long sleeves.

I prefer curly hair since mine is straight.

I prefer tall girls because I’m short.

I prefer ube flavored ice cream.

I prefer beans above all veggies.

I prefer to travel.

I prefer accounting over mathematics.

I prefer writing than public speaking.

I prefer listening than talking.

I prefer to sleep early.

I prefer Greek Literature.

I prefer myself liking people than to myself loving mankind.
I prefer exceptions.

I prefer federalism.

I prefer mystifying kind of man.

I prefer talking to lawyers about laws.

I prefer kindness over hurtful honest opinions.

I prefer to laugh out loud than stay gracious.

I prefer having some reservations.

I prefer blue eyes since mine are dark.

I prefer not to ask how much longer it takes.

I prefer keeping in mind my opinions than creating clamor.

I prefer working alone than working with team.

I prefer beaches and forests than bars and clubs.

I prefer stars than moon.

I prefer to believe that aliens do exist.

I prefer to walk away than to stay in chaos.

I prefer the things I left unsaid.

I prefer to write all of these crazy things.




“The damage was permanent; there would always be scars. But even the angriest scars faded over time until it was difficult to see them written on the skin at all, and the only thing that remained was the memory of how painful it had been.”

 – Jodi Picoult

“I like not only to be loved, but also to be told that I am loved. I am not sure that you are of the same mind. But the realm of silence is large enough beyond the grave. This is the world of light and speech, and I shall take leave to tell you that you are very dear.”

George Eliot

“Why are old lovers able to become friends? Two reasons, they never truly loved each other, or they love each other still.”

Whitney Otto

“Maybe reading was just a way to make her feel less alone, to keep her company. When you read something you are stopped, the moment is stayed, and you can sometimes be there more fully than you can in your real life.”

Helen Humphreys

“How nice — to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive.”

Kurt Vonnegut


The Gemini Woman: A Frustrating, Loving, Spontaneous Goddamn Handful

The Gemini Woman: A Frustrating, Loving, Spontaneous Goddamn Handful

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Shutterstock / Kseniia PerminovaShutterstock / Kseniia Perminova

You’ll know the Gemini woman in the room because she’s the one floating from group to group, inserting herself into conversations that don’t involve her and moving on elsewhere the moment the topic ceases to interest her. That’s what she needs: provocation, entertainment, challenge. She’ll ask the questions nobody else dare, in a way that nobody else can. Then, as quickly as she devours your answers and attention she’ll walk away again too. And that’s not because you stopped giving the good stuff – she simply, and quickly, changed her mind on the exact type of good stuff she wants.

She’s fickle like that. Not that she self-identifies that way. She’s a flake and occasionally a little fake, but she calls it endlessly curious and easy-to-adapt. All counts are true.

You won’t know which version of her you’re going to get, at any given moment. Your…

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This Is For You, Because They Left

This Is For You, Because They Left

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Flickr / basheertomeFlickr / basheertome

This one is for you. To read, over and over, when the darkness gets a little too much and you’re not sure which way is up. Maybe, sometimes, these words will be your up. Your reminder of two things: 1) oh my goodness, sweet child, you mean so very much, to so many. And 2) FUCK THEM.

They left you.

They left you, but first, before they did that, they requested, and then demanded, and then took, certain things from you. Belittled you, twisted your words, your actions. Kept you small. That’s the most infuriating bit of all – the smallness they pushed on you. The way they used the adoration you held in your heart against you, so that in the end even your love shriveled up and died, and that became further proof for you both that you can’t ever get anything right.

You couldn’t…

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Why Do We Stay With Those Who Hurt Us?

I used to know someone who still hold on to her relationship even it hurts her. Why? I hope she read this article.

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They manipulate us, put us down, stifle our self-esteem and make us feel like we’re worthless, yet we still stay. Why?

Are we that desperate for a companion that we settle for something that damages our inner core? Is loneliness that much of a problem that we would rather cry to sleep almost every night knowing that there’s someone with us regardless of how negatively they treat us? The truth is that most of us don’t want to deal with that utter angst of loneliness. So we stay. There’s a level of convenience and it’s scary when that is ultimately gone. But what happens when we are dragged down day after day? Why do we tell ourselves that it is going to get better when it never does?

We tolerate the little implications at first and then they turn into big tornados. First they may berate you for not…

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